In many ways, the Merseyside town of Birkenhead has always thrived in the face of adversity

It has has had to, of course, thanks to a number of challenges it has faced down the years. Distanced from the Industrial Revolution by the imposing physical barrier of the River Mersey and besieged by protests against high unemployment during the 1930s, the town and its residents have always fought against misfortune and injustice.

Locals are finally getting their rewards too, with setting up a business and advertising in Birkenhead an increasingly lucrative pastime.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Birkenhead?

While most towns in the North of England were busy driving the Industrial Revolution, Birkenhead was looking to thrive as an agricultural hub. It then began to leverage its proximity to the River Mersey by diversifying into the steam ferry service and shipbuilding sectors, showcasing the kind of resilience that defines its earnest and value conscious citizens.

Advertisers will be interesting to note that shipbuilding, which began in the region back in 1829, is still a key economic engine and employer to this day. While the famous Cammell Laird brand has been bought, moved and renamed since its halcyon days, it made a return to Birkenhead after a seven year hiatus and soon secured a huge, £50 million contract to construct the flight deck for the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

This ignited the economy, boosting relatively low employment rates and creating more disposable income for residents.

Birkenhead has also seen its retail presence grow incrementally since the 1970s, with the most recent major development seeing the construction of the popular Pyramids Shopping Centre.


Birkenhead’s Population and Demographics

A ward in Wirral in the North West, Birkenhead has an estimated population of 15,879. The demographic split is relatively even between males and females too, with the former accounting for 49% and the latter 51%.

Interestingly, the people of Birkenhead have a low average age (35). The median age is even lower at 33, with this number having fallen incrementally through the years.

As you would expect from a town that continues to rely heavily on the shipbuilding trades and services, the workforce is dominated by manual and entry level roles. Employees in elementary positions account for 16.9% of the workforce, while a further 14.1% operate in administration and service provision. Secretarial workers make up an additional 11.1%, while 11.3% earn their wages as skilled tradespeople.

For advertisers that have products that are targeted at single individuals, Birkenhead remains a potentially lucrative market. This is because it boasts an exceptionally low marriage rate of 24.2%, while a combined total of 37.9% are classed as being in some form of relationship. This may have something to do with the low median age, however, as 40.3% of the population and are single and have never married at all.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Birkenhead is Beneficial

While towns like Birkenhead may not immediately jump out at advertisers as being potentially profitable locations, this does not mean they they do not offer value. In fact, Birkenhead boasts a loyal, determined and value-focused consumer base, and one that is reflective of the shipbuilding industry that remains central to its heritage.

With an increasingly young demographic too, Birkenhead can now be considered as a compelling proposition for advertisers and local businesses in 2017.

If you are going to capitalise on this, outdoor advertising probably represents your best medium. After all, it is low margin and high value products that are likely to sell successfully in Birkenhead, which means that competitively priced advertising techniques will help you to optimise profits.