The walled city of Chester is an interesting one, not least because it is the most populous settlement of Cheshire West and Chester, which boasted a combined population of 332,200 in 2014 and provided a unique proposition for advertisers.

In fact, advertising in Chester is known to connect brands to a throng of well-educated and affluent customers, while it has certainly come a long way since establishing itself as a prominent cattle market and wealth producer during the Industrial Revolution.

Make no mistake; Chester has always found a way of generating wealth, regardless of the social and economic challenges that it has faced throughout the ages.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Chester?

This alone is a good enough reason for businesses to advertise in Chester, as the ability of a local economy to create wealth and opportunities defines how much its residents have to spend. There are other incentives too, however, which have emerged since Chester shed its industrial past and move into thriving markets such as tourism, retail and financial services.

The former is a huge boon to advertisers and local businesses alike, with Chester established as one of the best preserved walled cities in the UK. Boasting a number of medieval and Grade I listed structures, it is a huge draw for visitors from across Europe and businesses usually see their takings swell during the holiday season.

Chester’s financial services sector is also increasingly important and a significant employer in the city, with large scale institutions such as the Bank of America, HBOS plc, Virgin Money and the M&S Bank all based there. Not only this, but Broughton (which sits on the Welsh border) is also home to a huge Airbus UK factory, which employees 6,000 employees and has driven sustained growth within the region.

The city is also home to a University that consistently ranks in the top 100 in the UK, meaning that Chester is a huge draw for younger consumers and mature, Millennial students with a willingness to spend their money.


Chester’s Population and Demographics

We have already touched on the total population of Cheshire West and Chester, but the latest census figures placed Chester’s population at 118,200 (although estimated suggest that this has risen beyond 120,000 since then). The demographic split here is relatively even two, with 51% of the population female and 49% male.

Despite the influx of students and Millennials in recent times, the average and median age of Chester residents remains relatively mature at 42 (as opposed to the UK average of 39). This is thanks largely to the evolved nature of the economy and the influence of financial services in the region, which demand an experienced and skilled workforce which is remunerated accordingly).

The student influence is seen in Chester’s age distribution figures, however, with 8.8% of the local population aged between 20 and 24. The corresponding UK average is 6.8%, while Chester also has a higher than expected ration of 15 to 19 year-olds (6.5% to 6.3%).

There is also evidence to suggest that Chester is one of the more educated cities in the UK, which in turn has created a workforce that boasts higher skill levels than the nationwide average. 14.7% and 32.9% of the workforce boast Level 3 or Level 4 qualifications respectively, as opposed to the UK average of 12.3% and 27.2%.

This trend is reflected across the whole of the Cheshire West and Chester region, and it is something that should appeal to brands and advertisers across the board.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Chester is Beneficial

Chester has a penchant for wealth and growth, and it has done ever since the days of the Industrial Revolution. This has continued in the modern age, even as Britain has transitioned from a manufacturing nation to one that delivers financial services across the globe.

Chester is at the heart of this industry, with various financial institutions leveraging the region’s higher than average skill level and experienced workforce to its advantage.

Given the demographics of Chester, outdoor advertising channels such as billboards may offer the best value to brands. This is particularly effective if you look to target Chester’s younger demographics or those that are attending the local University.