Many northern towns have had to thrive in the face of adversity since the 1980s’, but few can match the achievements of Hemsworth in Yorkshire.

This small town and civil parish sits on the fringes of West Yorkshire, and it has managed to overcome incredible deprivation and hardship since the closure of its local coal mines during the 1980s.

Not does the town now boast a high level of employment, but advertising in Hemsworth has also become a potentially lucrative endeavour for local businesses.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Hemsworth?

This would have been a reasonable question back in the 1980s, when Hemsworth was devastated by the closure of the pits.

While this was something that afflicted a number of Northern towns during this period, Hemsworth was a one-industry location in which coal mining employed the vast majority of residents. Subsequently, the parish was besieged by high levels of deprivation and social decline, while unemployment soared to as high as 50% 30 years ago.

Fortunately, the government designated Hemsworth (along with Ackworth, Fitzwilliam, Havercroft and Ryhill and other local villages) as a special regeneration area, that was to receive sustained investment in a bid to drive and ultimately sustain economic growth.

The town has not looked back, diversifying its economy into social care, services and light manufacturing while creating huge opportunities for local advertisers. In May 2005, it was announced that unemployment in the region had fallen to just 2.8%, which represented an incredible achievement while ushering in a new dawn for consumer confidence and spending.

Advertisers have also been enticed by a new care home project in the region, which will see an 82-room facility built at Grove Lane. This will create in excess of 100 local jobs, while also bringing an estimated £5 million to the economy.


Hemsworth’s Population and Demographics

The latest figures place Hemsworth’s population at around 15,350, while also indicating a demographic split of 51% females and 49% males.

With a strong emphasis on social care and manufacturing, it may be unsurprising to note that the average age of people in Hemsworth is 40 (one year older than the UK average). The median age is a tad higher at 41, highlighting a mature audience for brands to target.

The rise of social care has also impacted demographic data, with this industry now accounting for 13.2% of the local workforce. An estimated 19.1% work in elementary job roles, with administration and service provision contributing 16.3% of all employees. In contrast, professional and associate professional staff members account for just 8.7% and 8.3% of the local workforce respectively, and this is unlikely to change in the near-term.

Hemsworth is a predominantly English-speaking town, with 98.7% of the population classing this as their first language. This tends to be encouraging for advertisers, who can target large customer segments without encountering any significant language barriers.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Hemsworth Can be Beneficial

While most northern towns endured hardship during the 1980s as the coal mining industry ground to a halt, few can claim to faced as much adversity as Hemsworth in Wakefield.

Despite being decimated by de-industrialisation, however, the town has rebounded brilliantly while becoming a key provider of social care in the north of England.

Despite this, Hemsworth is not a town that is renowned for having high levels of disposable income and high levels of consumerism. This means that local businesses may want to invest in outdoor advertising, which is extremely cost-effective and capable of successfully targeting local employees who are constantly on the move.