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Frequently Asked Questions

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Costs and exposure

Q. Aren’t billboards expensive?
A. Billboards aren’t as expensive as you might think, it’s a bit of a myth that smaller businesses can’t afford them and with the likes of Coca Cola and BMW advertising it’s easy to think they must be really expensive.  Wrong.  Big brands use outdoor advertising because they know it works.  Advertising on a giant 6m x 3m billboard can be as little as £100 per week!   At Airoutdoor, we believe high-end outdoor advertising should be available to every business no matter how big or small.

Q. How do billboards compare to other types of advertising?
A. Billboards in most cases cost far less than other forms of traditional advertising but offer you a greater reach. Remember you can’t turn off, turn over or pause a billboard.  It’s huge, unmissable, and on display 24/7 x 365 – now that’s reach.  Not only that, but only television advertising can offer better brand-retention.  Billboards are far better than radio, newspapers, magazines and even online for having your message remembered.

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Q. How much does a billboard cost?
A. Billboard advertising can cost as little as £100 a week (plus production) for longer term bookings.  Our rates reflect our belief that advertising should be available to everyone and to be honest, we set a price that we know ‘real’ people can afford. We want businesses to book more billboards so we keep our prices affordable to make budgets go further.

Q. How much does production cost?
A. Production and bill-posting is just £175 for a standard 48-sheet poster.  The price also includes any reprints we might have to do because of damage to your ad caused by weather etc.  The more posters you have the bigger the production cost, but don’t worry, if you’re doing a big campaign with us we’ll always make sure you’ve got the best possible deal.

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Q. How can I measure ROI?
There are several ways in which you can do this but it depends on how you are set up. Some businesses like to include a dedicated phone number or promotional code on the advert to track the ROI, others prefer viewers to leave details via an email address or unique web page on the advert. We can help advise on the best possible way to track your ROI. Also remember that sometimes businesses like to advertise to give their brand some exposure or simply promote an event, in these cases it’s more about driving traffic to a website or simply raising awareness of an event that the advert is trying to promote. Make sure you’re clear about your ROI intentions before embarking on any advertising campaign and the if you have the correct infrastructure to maximise the returns.

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Q. Any other fees?
There are no other fees or hidden ones, what you get quoted is what you pay. We are upfront about all costs, we make sure you are clear before you commit and we also make sure that if something goes wrong, we will do our very best to fix it without passing the costs on. We pride ourselves in being fair, honest and clear when it comes to our pricing, our customers believe this too as they keep on coming back for more.

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Designing a billboard

Q. Will you help me design my billboard?
A. We have our own in-house design studio so we can help with your artwork and design needs no matter what you are looking for. We always try to advise you on the look of your advert whether you use our services or not because we want you to get maximum exposure from your booking.  We have years of experience in designing great adverts so talk to us about how you can really make an impact.

Q. What should I say on my billboard?
As with many things, keep it simple – less is more. You are trying to sell your goods or services, so don’t confuse the viewer or make it so complicated no one gets it. Remember that in most cases passers-by only have a few seconds to take in your advert, so you need to make it punchy, clean and easy to understand. Stay away from using too much copy (text) and remember, no one reads the small print, especially on a billboard!  There are a few simple rules that you should try to stick to when thinking about what to say:

  1. Who are you (brand logo/name) contact details – phone or web
  2. What are you selling or trying to promote
  3. When and where is it happening, or where can they find your business
  4. That’s really it, less is more and if you can direct people elsewhere to get more info even better.

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Campaign bookings

Q. What is the average length of a campaign?
The average length of a campaign is 4-8 weeks as this is how long a poster will last while still looking good. You can advertise for longer of course but we recommend that you factor in a few poster changes. If you have a long-term campaign there are other materials we can use to print your advert such as banner or correx. Our sales team will always advise on the most cost effective material for your campaign.

Q. Why should I commit to a long-term program?
Simply put, we can offer you the best rates and we believe this offers you the best exposure for your brand, goods or events. In a lot of cases your audience connects with you and your advert after you have been there for some time, we always suggest though that you make changes to your adverts to keep them looking fresh and your audience engaged. Again we’ll take the time to work this out with you to make sure you get the most cost effective program, and that your advertising continues to be noticed.

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Q. If I do a rotational program, where will my board(s) be?
We work with you to select the town and cities you’d most like to advertise in, the roads and the locations you’d like to be seen in. Once we know this we can work out a rotational program based on availability. We try where possible to rotate your advert, (not the actual poster as this cannot be used again once posted), around the locations you picked.  This way, your audience gets the impression that you are constantly advertising and they ‘think’ they have seen your advert all over the place.  This is just a clever way to get the best from your budget and a very effective way of looking like you’ve really spent some money on outdoor advertising.

General questions

Q. Can I pick a specific billboard to be on?
Yes you can, all we need to know is the number of the board, or the town/city and/or the street it is on. Once we have this we can check that it’s available on the dates you’d like to advertise. You can normally find the number of the board on the top right of the frame.

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Q. Where do you have boards?
We have boards all over the country and we’re growing fast. You can sign up to use our interactive mapping system by contacting us or give us a call and we’ll try to help. If there is a particular town or city you’d like please let us know, we have partners we can work with to help get you the best possible location.

Q. Do people really act on what they see on a billboard?
The research suggests that they do.  We use our own billboards when they are free to advertise the space for bookings – whenever we do this we get calls and make sales, so we know it works. We believe strongly that outdoor advertising should be accessible to any business no matter how big or small, our loyal advertisers agree too as they keep coming back to book more, we have some clients that book a year in advance! If outdoor advertising didn’t work then why would all the major brands in the world use it? To top it all, outdoor advertising is one of the fastest growing mediums still in the world even with the dominance of TV and the Internet.

Q. Why should I choose billboards over my other advertising choices?
Simply put, the rest (apart from internet advertising) are in decline. People have more choices now than ever before, they can pick and chose the media they consume, they can decide when and where to receive advertising and they can switch it off, put it down or turn it over in a millisecond. Advertisers know this and they are looking for new and traditional ways to reach an audience, one of the traditional ones which has been around for centuries is OOH (out of home) advertising, this is where you’ll find billboards, posters, buses, taxi’s, trains etc… all of which have seen growth over the last 5yrs – why?  Well it’s simple, people still travel, people spend more and more time ‘out of home’ than ever before so advertisers see OOH advertising as a great way to capture our attention on the move – remember in most cases you can’t fast forward, pause, turn over, or switch off a billboard, it’s there for all to see 24hrs a day.  Apart from television, outdoor advertising is by far the best way to have your brand remembered, and at a tiny fraction of the price.

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Q. How do those digital boards work?
Digital advertising is fantastic, no doubt – it’s one of the fastest growing forms of advertising in the world. It offers flexibility, time slots and luminosity not really seen elsewhere, however this all comes at a premium both for advertiser and the network owner. Nothing to do with digital marketing is cheap, if it is, be wary, as it could be a cheap imitation or a miss-sell. Currently we don’t offer any digital billboards as we believe they are far too expensive and don’t offer the same amount of exposure for the budgets they command. So for the foreseeable future we believe static billboard advertising is still the best premium offer when maximising our clients’ budgets.

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