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Choosing to advertise your business on that ‘perfect’ billboard feels great.  The one down the road that you pass every day; the one you’re familiar with and which makes you feel comfortable and proud of what you’ve achieved in business.

Imagine all those potential customers, tens of thousands of them every day, sitting in their cars looking at your advert too.  Feels even better doesn’t it?

But what about the people who don’t travel down that road?  What about the customers who don’t even know you exist and will have to buy elsewhere?

Imagine how good you’d feel, imagine how many other people you’d hit, and imagine how your business would grow if you covered all the main roads into town?  There probably aren’t very many, so it’s perfectly possible.  This is what we call a ‘mini circuit’, and we know they work.

  • More than one panel extends your reach across your local area.
  • Makes people think you must be doing well and are able to invest in growth.
  • Makes your business look much bigger than it really is.
  • People think they’ve seen your advert everywhere but in reality you’ve just been clever.
  • It shows your competitors that you are actively marketing and looking for new customers.
  • Creates strong brand awareness and your message will start to hit home.
  • Can have a positive affect on staff morale as you’re seen to be investing in the future of the business.

Let us plan a mini circuit for you that moves you around the best sites in your local area.  It will look like you’re everywhere but in reality you’ll just be being clever.  We’ll make sure your budget goes a lot further than you think and you’ll connect with millions of potential customers.